The lectures will take place  in Auditorium 1 in Georg Sverdrups hus (BL 27 on the map,  main library building) for the first day of the conference, and in Auditorium 2 at  Helga Engs hus (BL20 on the map) for the last two days.   Please follow this link to access maps and directions for the University campus.

Note: the links to the manuscripts and the video recordings are temporarily broken. Updated links to the manuscripts are found in the online proceedings for the conference and the videolinks are found here.


08.00-9.15 Registration
09.15-9.30 Introduction
Track: Defining Computer GamesChair:  Olav Asheim, University of Oslo
09.30 Keynote lecture: The Disjunctive Definition of Video Games Revisited
Grant Tavinor, Lincoln University, New Zealand
(manuscript) (video)
10.30 Break
10.40 Invited speakers:  The Word Game: The Ontology of an Undefinable Object
Espen Aarseth and Gordon Calleja, IT-University of Copenhagen, Denmark
11.30 Lunch break
12.30 Gameness and Negotiable Consequences
John Richard Sageng, University of Oslo, Norway
(slides) (video)
13.00 Understanding games as played: sketch for a first-person perspective for computer game analysis
Olli Leino, IT-University of Copenhagen, Denmark
(manuscript) (video)
13.30 Break
Chair: Rune Klevjer, University of Bergen
13.45 Nietzsche Contra Callois: Beyond Play and Games
Dan Dixon, Bristol Institute of Technology, United Kingdom
14.15 Is  Thatgamecompany Bringing Computer Games Closer to Art with Their New game “Flower”?
Lill Eilertsen
(manuscript) (slides) (video)
14.45 Just Like Driving – Computer Games as Actual Practice and Objects of Presentation
Rikke Toft-Nørgaard, Aarhus University, Denmark
(manuscript) (video)
15.15 Break
Track: Fictionality and Interaction
15.45 Conceptual Blending in Computer Games: Integrating Fiction and Meaning
Marco Caracciolo,
University of Bologna, Italy
(manuscript) (video)
16.15 Simulation: Games, Art and Science
Sebastian Ostritsch, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
(manuscript) (video)
16.45 Break
17.00 MMOG Ontology
Olav Asheim, University of Oslo, Norway
(manuscript) (video)
17.30 The Ontology of Interactivity
Jonathan Frome, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA.


Chair: Tarjei Mandt Larsen, University of Stavanger and Filosofisk Prosjektsenter
10.00 Virtual Entities, Enviroments, Worlds and Reality 
Johnny Hartz Søraker, University of Twente, The Netherlands
(manuscript) (video)
10.30 Fiction as Play: Reassessing the Relation of of Play, Games and Fiction 
Sebastian Deterding
11.00 Computer Games, Fictional Worlds and Transmedia Storytelling: A Narratological Perspective 
Jan-Noel Thon, University of Hamburg, Germany
(manuscript) (video)
11.30 A Network of Intentionalities: Transitional-Synthesis and Narrative in First-Person-Shooters
Jeff Rush, Scool of Communications and Theater,
Temple University, USA

(manuscript) (video)
12.00 Lunch break
Chair: Stephan Gûnzel, University of Potsdam
13.15 Keynote lecture: Ancient Antecedents of Computer Game Fictions:  Sports, Board Games, and Children’s Make-Believe
Kendall Walton
, University of Michigan, USA



14.15 Break
14.30 Model and Image. Computer Game Mimesis as Make-Believe 
Rune Klevjer, University of Bergen, Norway
15.00 Work Worlds, Game Worlds and Performance Worlds in Videogames 
Aaron Meskin (co-author:  Jon Robson), University of Leeds, United Kingdom
(manuscript) (video)
15.30 Break
Track: Ethical and Political Issues
16.00 The Reality of Games 
Rasmus Leth Jørnø, University of Aarhus, Denmark
(manuscript) (video)
16.30 The Moral Status of Virtual Artefacts in Computer Games 
Edward Spence, University of Twente, The Netherlands
(manuscript) (video)
19.30 Conference dinner at Manefisken in Oslo.


Chair: Gordon Calleja, IT-University of Copenhagen
10.00 Keynote lecture: No More Homo Ludens: Designing for an Ethical Player 
Miguel Sicart, IT-University of Copenhagen, Denmark

(manuscript) (slides) (video)
11.00 Break
11.10 The Age of Chosen Worldviews 
Bjarke Liboriussen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
ipt) (slides) (video)
11.40 Morality in Computer Games – A Phenomenological Approach 
Geert Gooskens, University of Antwerp, Belgium
(slides) (video)
12.10 Lunch
Chair: Anita Leirfall, University of Bergen
13.00 A Dromology of the Videogame
Alex Wade, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
(manuscript) (slides) (video)
13.30 Dual Wielding Morality: World of Warcraft and the Ethics of “Ganking” 
Stacey Goguen, Boston University, USA.
(manuscript) (video)
14.00 Fallout 3 and Philosophy Amidst the Ashes 
Sarah Grey, University of Minnesota, USA.
(manuscript) (slides) (video)
14.30 Break
14.45 Closing session

Conference Dinner


The conference dinner on Friday evening will be held at the the place Månefisken in Oslo, which is located by a waterfall on the river Akerselva, which passes trough Oslo. In addition to the dinner itself, the place has an excellent bar for after dinner socializing.

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