NGRN Workshop

PhD pre-conference workshop
on the philosophy of computer games


Nordic Game Research Network would like to invite Nordic PhD candidates within computer game research to participate in a PhD pre-conference workshop held in connection with ‘The Philosophy of Computer Games 2009’ International Conference in Oslo 13 to 15 August.  The workshop will take place on 12 August 2009.

NGRN is an academic network of researchers funded by a 3-year-grant from NordForsk: . The funding period is autumn 2007 till autumn 2010. The main objectives for NGRN and information about NGRN activities can be found at:

This PhD workshop is the second PhD activity to be arranged by NGRN and yet another step towards fulfilling NGRN’s objectives to improve the researcher education within the Nordic countries.

At the workshop PhD candidates will have the opportunity to attend and discuss with some of the conference keynotes as well as the possibility to present their own work for discussion and feedback from fellow PhD candidates and senior researchers.

In order to participate in the workshop the PhD candidate is obliged to submit a position paper focused on philosophical challenges and perspectives within their thesis (max. 5 pages) and register no later than 15 June, 2009.

There will be a limit of 10 participants. If more than 10 position papers are submitted, the conference committee will choose among the submitted papers in terms of relevance and interest. For further practical information, please see below.

The submissions might follow one of the conference themes, but are not limited to do so (see CfP).  It should be noticed that submitting a position paper to the PhD workshop does not prevent any of the PhD candidates from submitting a paper to the main conference track. The workshop participants will gain access to the International Conference taking place on 13 to 15 August.

Best Regards

Ole Ertløv Hansen

Associate Professor, PhD

Project Manager NGRN

Practical information

Credit: 3 ECTS

Deadline for submission of position papers and enrolment: 15 June, 2009. Please register for the workshop with:

Due to the fact that the international conference is not an NGRN activity, there will be some restrictions on to what amount of expenses that might be reimbursed by NGRN.

Travel expenses (economy class & public transportation), 2 days of accommodation (hotel max. 130 EUR/day) and the conference fee will be paid for by NGRN. Any other expenses (e.g. prolongation of your stay in connection with the conference) will not be reimbursed. At the workshop you will be provided with information on how to get your expenses reimbursed. It is not possible to receive advance payment.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact secretary Lise Suhr Mogensen, phone no: +45 9940 7411 or email:

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