NGRN Pre-Conference Program

Provisional program ver 3.0

Place: BL27 3527 (gr.rom 7) – Grupperom 7

Note:  The seminar has been moved to Undervisningsrom 4. The room is just a few meters away from the original location.

Building:  BL27 Georg Sverdrups hus, Moltke Moes vei 39


09.30-10.00 Arrival
10.00-10.10 Welcome and introductions

Ole Ertløv Hansen, NGRN & Aalborg University

10.15-11.15 Narrative Theory of Games

Espen Aarseth, IT-U Copenhagen (DK)

11.20-12.30 3 PhD presentations

Olli, Rikke, Betty

12.30-13.15 Lunch break hosted by NGRN
13.15-14.45 4 PhD presentations

Claus, Kristine, Anne-Mette, Lina

15.00-16.00 3 PhD presentations

Magnus, Petri, Bjarke

16.15-17.15 “An Analytical Philosophical Approach to Gaming”

Grant Tavinor, Lincoln University, New Zealand

17.20-18.00 End session

Ole Ertløv Hansen

19.00-? Social event?

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